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Welcome to our web page created to raise awareness in society about the dangers of smoking near babies or infants.

The team behind the creation of this web page is made up of a group of people who have been directly or indirectly affected by tobacco smoke in the presence of babies and infants. Each of them has a personal story that motivates them to raise awareness in society about the dangers of smoking near the most vulnerable.

Among them are mothers and fathers who have seen their young children suffer the effects of tobacco smoke on their health, friends and relatives of people who have developed respiratory diseases related to passive smoking, and health professionals who have treated patients affected by these problems.

Through this website, we hope to be able to share your experiences and knowledge, and educate society about the risks of smoking around babies and infants. Its objective is to achieve a cultural change in which a smoke-free environment is promoted and the health of the most vulnerable is protected.

In short, this website is a tool created by people committed to the health and well-being of the most vulnerable in our society. Its intent is to educate and raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco in babies and children, and to offer resources and solutions to help protect their health.

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